nternet plus under the full retail benefit war Gome online electricity leading industry in the firs

April 19th, Gome online "418 shopping big lie – a presumptuous" ending war started, after 418 big promotion big half, brings the most intimate benefits for consumers, but also to the public electricity supplier to see business opportunities, Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com and other electricity providers have to follow up. The United States online momentum most online, "six wanton" consumer feedback, the line "7" hand speed and passion, the Jingdong to delivery stronghold "frame" and "418 with a" ad to the New York Times Square, pocketed the eye in marketing, to lay the foundation for the success of the first half of the largest shopping festival. According to the official data released by the United States online, April 16th -19, the United States within four days of online trading volume grew by 220%, an increase of wireless, accounting for more than the total station exceeded by 40%, once again electricity supplier industry growth miracle.


electricity supplier promotional war peaked at 51 consumption boom ahead of burning

from the beginning of April 1st, Gome online is the first to shout "with a" 418 anniversary big promotion slogan. The various intensity of promotional activities triggered a wave of panic buying boom, followed by Tmall, Jingdong, shop No. 1, suning.com and other electricity providers have joined the 418 online shopping tempted war, the traditional 51 consumer boom nearly half a month ahead of time.

online shopping in this round of 418 electricity supplier price war, household appliances, electronic products such as gold or even become a major electricity supplier hot products, and in the United States online momentum most, online and offline, the wireless terminal full retail channels to participate in price competition, home appliances, home appliances online 418 yuan grab newspaper sales promotion buy how much to send the activities of Jingdong, price expensive to lose 300, price protection to 51, really cheap service, to secure consumers presumptuous purchase line, at ease; "golden 72 hours" appliances below the reserve price, GOME stores in many parts of the country appeared queuing home electric scenes of panic buying. In addition, 135 City morning under a single afternoon served "time of fast logistics, the 30 days no reason to return, 180 days not only for repair and home security customer service warranty service; the line of Qili, leading the public electricity supplier will be the 418 battle to the peak of online shopping.

online marketing channel low end free fight line building trend

of the 418 big promotion, Gome online again to refresh the record sales, behind the impressive record, cannot do without end online promotions from first to last presumptuous. April 1st, Gome online that started early 418 shopping big lie opener, "wanpin opener" theme promotion, a variety of heavy promotions to attract consumer attention; on April 4th -15, Gome online also launched a series of sub category turns on. 16 -17 days, 418 yuan of household appliances 6 times a day "wanton grab"; 5-8 fold big appliances full reimbursement, buy how much return cash coupon "unbridled free"; more low to 4777 yuan iPhone6, 3599 yuan a SONY 48 Inch TV and other single product presumptuous purchase; 18, the old Mu special.

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