On how to develop the independent blog

blog after the popularity of the 2005, has experienced rapid development in 2006, and now the blog has been replaced by the SNS community and micro-blog. Today, I talked about the blog is not the traditional sense of the BSP blog, but has an independent domain name and the space of the independent blog!

personal independence blog from development to now has experienced a long period of time, from the beginning of the personal interest and the personal independence blog until now many commercial individual blog works, can see blog diversified development direction. So when a grassroots webmaster or grassroots bloggers to build a blog, you should consider its commercial development route, so perhaps your blog will go further. Because when you go to business, you have to consider your user base, your readers, you have to provide them with a better experience and meet their needs for your blog content. But I personally think even if the commercialization of the blog must also consider a degree of commercialization, after all, who are not interested in every day to see an ad is no substantive content blog.

I first summarize the current independent blog several major ways of profit:

first: is also one of the most widely used – advertising alliance

second: advertisers

third: sell link

fourth: promotion of products (also known as the product of Blog Marketing)

fifth kinds: soft text service (also called soft announcement, implantable advertising)

The main

is above some profits, but the reader to understand, in front of three ways of profit is not ideal, meet the blogger of a profit desire and achieve cost support blog domain name space is only a lot of time. I understand from those profits good blog found their more profitable way promotion, is to use the blog itself original content dissemination effect to attract readers and readers fixed to the blogger’s influence, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. For example, if a blog you browse the number of 5000 people, as mentioned in this article thought or products can affect 5000 people, through their line of communication may also influence more people, so the influence of no effect than a local newspaper’s power is low, and because of it the contents of the influence will be deeper and more uniform level. Whether it is to promote a product or service or blog now more popular a paid promotion, promotion of a person or a website, when your blog reaches a certain user group would have a good effect.

Now the development of

technology and social commentary, from the technical level can help the interaction between independent bloggers and readers’ demands, more blog readers and stickiness, thus further increase from the horizontal to the blogger’s influence.

when a blog is conceived, it should be considered a good blog

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