Tmall seek change C2B customized services into a trend

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The Chongqing daily news Alibaba

every creative concept, try to change the mode of electricity consumption Chinese coincide. Yesterday, Tmall launched Tmall, Tmall and Tmall for the sale of the album and electric package of four products, the "commodity from a simple change to the window lattice shop display display, and the formation of C2B (consumer to business) and exclusive sale mode for sale. This is the future trend of Tmall electricity supplier to seek a substantial step towards customization. Electricity supplier experts said that this means that Tmall has to get rid of the electricity supplier industry competition in the primary price war, the next step of the platform will be a unique business model competition.

display: from lattice shop window

aspects of Tmall, Tmall is in April 8th to April 15th, Tmall fresh air on the activities of the first trial of these four products, and then will become a kind of shopping to promote the normal expansion.

it is understood that since last year, Tmall has started from the rear support, front display product marketing and other aspects of product upgrades, and according to the standard products and non-standard goods provide different product support and sale mode to try.

Chinese commercial news reporter found that the biggest change from the display of goods on the web. Compared with the traditional "commodity" lattice "display, Tmall album by letting brands are collocation of their products, design ideas, fashion elements and themes such as classified display, increase the product itself can go and see. Consumers can shop through different businesses, the choice of generic aggregation of goods, no longer blindly browse and search. Tmall aspects of this change will be summed up as a change from the lattice shop window".

Tmall Product Manager Tang Peng said, after Tmall combination and display of goods in the way, less expression of a design concept of "the nature of the goods, please brands to tell the story behind the item, commodity combination collocation, is playing the most professional ability in the industry."

pre-sale: innovative sales model

Tmall said that if the album is on traditional marketing B2C industry promotion, so it is for sale and innovation in the mode of sale. It is understood that Tmall’s first attempt to sell in the last year, double 11 big promotion. In the new Tmall is still during the event, to participate in the sale of businesses, including clothing, home improvement, fashion life, electrical appliances and other industries, a total of about more than 9 thousand.

Tmall pre-sale in addition to the current sell more and more cheap ladder price way, the next will be to create a scarcity of goods to sell more expensive, the reverse ladder price. In the development of the industry, we will not only have a large number of home appliances, furniture and other pre-sale, but also based on the sale of new products, limited sale of fashion goods for sale." Tmall new business leader Guo Dalu introduction.

and Tmall for the Tmall platform is to provide exclusive products for consumers. "For example, the original 50g creams, merchants >

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