Tencent micro businesses exposure merchants have Alipay


] March 11th news billion state power network, informed sources claimed Tencent WeChat will launch in March 20th a heavy platform "micro businesses", is still in beta. Billion state power network noted that the important position of the Alipay special business occupies the first column of the special business.

billion state power network consulting Tencent PR, which means that the "development Gaopeng micro businesses" products, and Alipay has a special high PR docking.

it is understood that Alipay had previously completely stop open interface platform business for WeChat, Alipay to WeChat scenarios of business cooperation to take "no new sign" and "renewal", "cooperation" three strategies. This also let a lot of people in the industry and micro businesses in cooperation with Alipay surprised.

insiders said, the project had made friends, has been in operation for a period of time in the market, has now changed to recruit agents. Billion state power network and then call to Gaopeng PR, Gao Peng confirmed this news, saying Twitter Life micro businesses not many people understand, really do for micro businesses, the second half of last year was on the line.

for Alipay, Gaopeng has made it clear that "no cooperation".

billion state power network discovery from the beta page, has been assigned to micro businesses including food brands, brand entertainment brand, brand life Master, leopard, Bella, Pakistan liangquanqimei, Shanghai International Speedway, Jinjiang Park in the selection of brands.

users to scan two-dimensional code can focus on businesses WeChat account, however, the subscription number of brands of two-dimensional code scanning micro business pages online show most businesses, most of which are advertising and promotional information, rather than the service number.

micro business page business management needs to bind further security operation only after the card. Gao Peng told billion state power network, micro businesses two to three days will soon launch a new revision of the page.

Tencent and micro businesses face exposure, the electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang said: "micro POS out, WeChat now want to be the O2O outlets, including mobile payment, this is to compete with Taobao."

but insiders from the opposite side, the two or three years ago a similar project, cable platform, POS machine, mobile phone terminal, a bombing of advertising, a young team, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

yesterday announced a strategic investment Jingdong, Tencent, Tencent and industry speculation investment Jingdong, the butterfly effect two marriage will lead to the ultimate showdown Tencent Jingdong and Ali group, the transformation in the mobile space, will be WeChat and Alipay users to a round of crazy rob.

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