Multi point layout of the network to create a brand of men’s clothing E commerce

Tonyjeans Tonywears is Shanghai’s well-known homemade menswear brand, as early as in 2008 April has been managed through e-commerce cooperation exclusive and PAHI trade, opened the "Tonyjeans PAHI store" in Taobao, but a year later, with the same Tonyjeans or later net UNIQLO, Lining and other domestic foreign well-known clothing brand network marketing done fast, Tonyjeans single turnover is stagnant. At the end of September 2009, "Tonyjeans PAHI PAHI trade store joined the new Taobao distribution platform, Online Recruitment distributors, intended to open the bottleneck.

a clothing brand in the physical market can gradually grow and develop, forming their own influence, have their own consumers. But an enterprise to create a single month to develop 20 distributors, and the month that the brand’s total sales growth of about five times the amazing performance of the explosive growth, and ultimately rely on the development of online expansion model.

previously, there are many shop online distribution channels also doubts, because the Internet is the Internet, is because of its characteristics of Internet, online distribution can play an effective promotion and sales in a large extent, who did not dare to promise. However, a year ago in a conservative trial stage, the network marketing of clothing enterprises now have half believe and half doubt, began to consider how to speed up the layout of the online channel thread. The next line of the brand is accelerating the construction for network marketing system of its own, and not just to open a shop, their physical stores to online wholly intact.

Tonyjeans responsible person said, in October 2008, the brand will try to expand ideas using the brand line, through the development of distributors to expand online channels, retail terminal of larger area with minimal friction, but the real implementation has encountered difficulties. On the one hand, we must consider the maintenance of brand image. And the choice of joining the line, like the Tonyjeans, the higher the demand for network distributors, for the seller, the requirement is more than two drill reputation, and there is a certain margin, the strength of the shop is more stringent requirements. On the other hand, the background of the distribution system is not convenient to operate, has been the use of the most primitive way to download data packets, can not be updated in real time information. Until September 2009, only the development of four or five network distribution stores, difficult to climate. But when Taobao provides a distribution platform, all of this is a big difference.

at the end of September 2009, Tonyjeans in the distribution platform after recruitment conditions soon received a lot of distributor’s application, through the layers of screening, in a month’s time to quickly do more than 20. These shops have double crown shop, there are five drill shop, equivalent to the original flow of their store to the Tonyjeans drainage channels, the bottleneck of the channel opened. Just a month, the overall sales of the brand increased by more than 5 times. And >

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