Suning fresh electricity supplier to pay attention to the fresh concept of fresh mobile defects

fresh electricity by 2013 has suddenly become very fire, many platforms have launched their own fresh service, seems to have fresh electricity as a mining of gold, of course, those fresh electricity supplier platform has its own killer, that is the logistics capabilities, such as Amazon and Jingdong, logistics progress is the basis of fresh electricity supplier, then how playing the fresh attention? The logistics capability of, in fact ability are not so strong, but has a killer, is the local life services, and the local life services into the mobile Internet, this may bring new the idea for fresh electricity supplier operating.

looks beautiful life service

for, the local life service is one for the life of the community service channel, its goal is to realize the localization of life services, so essentially still have fresh genes, after all, can not engage in fresh electricity difference between several hundred in the service, so that time certainly too late, so localization has become the foundation of fresh electricity supplier, the localization of life services clearly has more advantages, it is also an important reason why is playing the fresh attention.

and will fresh services to mobile Internet, it is a transfer of innovation, in fact users who want fresh services are generally urban white-collar workers, their life is busy, mobile providers can obviously solve the problem of time, so it can get a lot of loyal users, but the key is the fresh electricity providers also can effectively enhance the mobile Internet development strategy, in order to promote the development of the mobile Internet strategy, this may be’s move but strategic one, can achieve it.

fresh electricity supplier defects in the short term is difficult to eliminate


localization of life services, can rely on local life services can further shorten the fresh delivery time, but also is the local service users will be further reduced, and once the fresh business platform of users is reduced, there is no way to form a huge money effect, so there is no way to return the cost of marketing, which is obviously is one of the most important defects of fresh electricity supplier.

in addition, even if local life service, the importance of logistics is also very important, a local urban distribution to get the satisfaction of users, how to control the quality of goods are urgently needed to solve the problem, maybe can cooperate with the local community supermarket, but the supermarket management can meet the needs of the electricity supplier. Whether the quality of the goods is also very important for. Moreover, the same quality of fresh service needs of urban white-collar workers, in this context, a lot of defects in the fresh electricity supplier will be enlarged.

so even if will move to the fresh concept of mobile phone terminal, realizes the flexible customization of fresh electricity supplier, but by >

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