Amoy brand after opening the store is the seven princess

news February 1st, billion state power network learned Amoy brand women’s seven princess’s sub brand "OTHERMIX" store has landed in Hangzhou in January 28th.

this is the following Yin man, after the first language and a set of online women’s clothing Amoy brand. It is reported that the store in the area of 160 square meters, equipped with a fitting room and Rest Area.


online, seven princess Taobao has been criticized as the history of the fastest growing and most successful example of a shop."

2006, seven princess brand officially registered in Taobao, in 2009 was selected as the Taobao women’s TOP102010 year sales of $150 million. In 2011, with a "blue T-shirt style" hot 500, "seven princess TOP influx of goods store promotion to 5 drill team upgrade to 3, to reach 30 million yuan in sales in the year. In early 2011, the association of the seven princess of $100 million venture capital.

in early 2015, the women’s brand La Natsu Bell to $135 million acquisition of the registered capital of about seven of the space of about 45% of the shares, the princess became the daughter of the seven princess La Natsu Bell.

it is reported that the operation mode of the seven princess brand is a typical light company model, their own control design and sales, manufacturing sectors by the foundries to complete.

insiders judgment, the current multiple Amoy brand presence in the line is due to the scale of development is limited online, online single brand sales up to 500 million yuan, and want to achieve 1 billion or 2 billion scale must return to the line.

in this regard, Yin man is the first step out of the typical Amoy brand circle. According to Yan man said, from start to now thousands of city shops plan, Yin line shop has been successfully developed to 200, is expected in 2016 only line can achieve the target of $300 million.

for the seven princess, the first line shop to start just a preliminary attempt, seven princess has yet to reveal the store mode of operation and future development planning.

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