How to select a domain name and site name

as everyone knows, the success or failure of a station is crucial that domain name, domain name and then how to select, the relationship between the site name and domain name should be how to deal with. Especially the search engine from the point of view, it becomes more and more important in the selection of domain name, the following is the younger brother of domain name and website name


domain name selection:

a search engine selection method

how to choose a good domain name and domain name registration? – searching ways to establish friendly relations of the engine. Like if you want to do a novel keyword, from a search engine’s point of view, the novel is the name of the key word, the domain name should include this crucial to harm word. Advice is: xiaoshuo this is a pinyin can not be less! Remember your words to optimize the domain to.

two. Innovative Selection:

First of all to do this type of

in Google and Baidu keyword search on how much the number of results, if there is no or less than 10 results, unable to find the search engine keyword matching, so you innovation success, and included not included is another problem


example: red ink house, then the domain name:

Baidu search red ink house: Wd=%BA%EC%C4%AB%CE%DD results for 0

Google search for red ink house: Hl=zh-CN& q=%E7%BA%A2%E5%A2%A8%E5%B1%8B& btnG=Google+%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2& meta=& aq=f& oq= results are also 0

is a keyword, such as the famous search engine, there should be some results, if a user search this keyword, it will touch the search engine database, make the corresponding judgment, then decide whether


three. Associative selection:

as the name implies, Lenovo way is to a large base of domain name, everyone is familiar with Youku, domain name and website name is very famous, there are tens of thousands of the keyword popularity Youku index, to register the domain name is not possible, but we can add some easy to remember things in Youku, the front and back for example: QQ, 163520 (I love you), 1314 (for life) and.


domain determines the site name, site name on the other hand, also can let a person remember the name of the wording and the suffix. A good website, not only to let the user a glance.

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