Mobile phone Taobao released micro Amoy data online users over 60 million months

speed transit network at the beginning of 2013, Taobao wireless head Qiu Changheng announced that the 2013 mobile phone, Taobao will be "deformation" and "distortion" the first step is to start in April this year the Taobao mobile phone online public platform – micro amoy.

it is understood that, from mid April since the beta, micro Amoy 2 months cumulative access number of users has exceeded 60 million, by invitation mechanism to attract sellers, Taobao shopping guide Master and media public account has exceeded 3000, some businesses since the opening of the micro Amoy public account, mobile terminal turnover reached the overall sales 30%-40%, a new model of mobile business".

Taobao business "three Mo bloom" was invited to test mobile phone Taobao micro Amoy at the end of April, and lucky to have test qualification first opened the micro Amoy account of the public, through the careful maintenance of the contents of the account and the user’s wireless business shop turnover increased significantly in recent months, in March accounted for 14.92%. In April accounted for 18.31%, accounting for May has been raised to 33.51%.

"we will share some blogs and insights on the micro Amoy, pass some positive energy content, here we rarely actually recommend their goods, but the user account we will be content to attract and pay attention to our shop, goods, so as to enhance the exchange rate of us into the store". "Three Mo bloom" shopkeeper "Jasmine" told reporters that at present the public account number has more than three hundred thousand fans, even more than some well-known brand account.

People think is responsible for

mobile phone Taobao the "deformation" project, micro Amoy will change and redefine the gameplay of e-commerce in the mobile Internet Era: not just selling things, including buyers to buy things the way. "We want to give users a real thousand faces of individual life experience, we also hope to be able to provide rich business tools to help businesses to create the most suitable for mobile phone user experience, grasp the user’s heart."

Shang Wen said, before the Taobao mobile phone for all users of the display are "the same goods, the same shop, promotional activities and the search results are the same, but the emergence of" micro Amoy redefined the Taobao mobile phone user interface. The user can select the contents and their love of commodity subscription, micro Amoy Taobao into the mobile phone to let users own shopping guide magazine, but also become a unique shopping mall in the mall can only see their concern over the goods and brand."

reporter access through micro Amoy channel found that some businesses have begun to transform the pattern through the Taobao mobile phone to communicate with consumers, these businesses put mobile phone Taobao into a fun and open platform, through this platform to better serve consumers, the relationship between the management and the maintenance of good and consumers.

Taobao women sellers Li home through micro Amoy play C2B reverse custom. Reporters through the phone Taobao micro channel Amoy see, Li family in micro Amoy owned >

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