The traditional industry needs Home Furnishing net platform

made from TATA doors of network marketing achievements, valca sanitary went down the line from the line, the first brand Chinese custom furniture industry Luxuries delivery August 2009 e-commerce project trial operation. Home Furnishing building materials industry in economic crisis hits have the test of electronic commerce. Even the traditional stores, Jimei furniture website also saw a few years ago a simple corporate website to an e-commerce site in transition.

network marketing brand is the key

The traditional

industry net is not a new topic, the author’s point of view or change, must be in different positions according to the attributes of goods. Some products can be sold directly to the Internet to sell, some goods network can only be used as a means of product promotion. Many traditional industries are not very understanding of e-commerce, but blindly believe that e-commerce saves a lot of cost. There are too many traditional industries that opened the mall on Taobao, he built the site has been the realization of e-commerce. From the slow development of electronic commerce in recent years has been more and more people realize that in this world the Internet brand value is so important, online, not opened nor stores, as long as the election of a child, always radiation a certain group of users; but the online shop, if not for brand promotion, who do not know you. Therefore, the online shop, the cost of promotion, it is equivalent to the land fee, spend more money to promote, it is equivalent to the gold strip shop. Don’t really think that e-commerce, especially B2C, is a low-cost activity.

net, the platform of choice is a shortcut to

but always on the traditional network marketing industry can not continue to develop it, the answer is negative. Home building materials industry through the network brand promotion and publicity is necessary. However, there is no relevant facilities, there is no relevant resources, there is no relevant experience to test their own independent e-commerce is nothing. For the traditional small and medium enterprises, more sensible choice is the platform, because of the fence net, to solve the credibility problem, visibility and user experience problems, these problems do not need the traditional building materials Home Furnishing enterprises to solve, they can save money, money is money.

mining profit model for the king

for building materials home e-commerce platform, the user experience, product operation has become the key. Only based on the long term, and effectively provide manufacturers with a more convenient marketing practices, consumers really solve the problem of mass consumption, in order to continue to develop. Have a good user experience, good products, it should be better to tap the profit model. No good profit model, it is faced with a complete failure. From October 2005 Beijing Home Furnishing Yi Station can be regarded as the first professional Chinese Home Furnishing building e-commerce website. This is mainly engaged in home building materials in the site was founded at the beginning of the industry was optimistic, but also attracted $2 million in the u.s.. Even in 2007, once in financial difficulties

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