Free website promotion

In the ocean of the Internet, the most important thing is interoperability, not to be accessed by others is the island of information". In order to let others from thousands of sites to visit your site, you need to actively promote their website. This article describes several methods, so that you do not spend a penny, you can get more traffic.

A, Links exchange

Links preferably with some of the traffic is higher than their own, some well-known websites exchange again are complementary and their content on the web, and then is the same site. Similar web site to ensure that the content of their own characteristics, and can be attractive, it is not as good as similar sites. Links can be text, can also be icons, icon format is generally.Gif file size of 88*31. This method is relatively simple, but the effect is not too obvious.

two, highlighted keywordsAccording to the

1, not empty empty title: < title> < /title> a position is tantamount to waste the most valuable. In the traditional page, HTML page will have hidden information like this, to illustrate the main contents of the current web page keywords (can be inserted into the -HTML- file: head tag keyword through the following methods in DW2004 MX):

due to this method of artificial keyword abuse, many websites in order to improve the probability of search engine hit, popular keywords, often add some irrelevant and actual web content such as: "the registration code cracked version MP3 download", so a new generation of search engines are no longer concerned about the page header files. Artificial meta keyword statement, and the page title in the process of search engine keyword hits tend to have a higher proportion, and in the corresponding search results ranking more forward.

2, the length of the title and content: not too long, generally less than 40 characters, and to fully highlight the proportion of keywords. If the title search engine more generally ignored, so as much as possible will be the main keywords in the title position, omit unnecessary adjectives, after all, most users of the noun to find what you want. The title of the content as far as possible with some other words can be found through keywords (such as VB programming website, available VB controls, VB source code, XP controls, etc.).

If "many words, try to use a different page title, for.