How did the programmer’s amateur program get paid

I started the Asterank project in May 2012. Earlier this week, Planetary Resources (planet resources) announced plans to tap water and valuable raw materials from small planets. Like everyone else, I was intrigued. This is an inspiring and difficult long-term vision.

my project began as an experiment of ideas: how many asteroids are really worth exploring? The news that the media releases is roughly estimated and has no scientific basis. None of the content and value of the asteroid’s orderly catalog. So on a busy weekend afternoon, I wrote the first version of a coffee shop in the city’s downtown business district.

13 months later, when Asterank was acquired by planetary resources, it was not just an asteroid value calculator. It has been a complete scrapers kit that includes a web page analyzer (WEB), a data channel, powerful data visualization, and the ability to discover new asteroids.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but along the way, I learned something:

first lesson: harassment others

keep in touch with people who can give you substantive criticism or help.

the key is to be patient and don’t despair. If you have short-term contact, follow up every two weeks; if not on January.

send email to

wide net. Anyone who can provide you with professional knowledge, advice, or publicity, including:

contact planet resources company

contact with many other space companies or organizations

research scientist

NASA scientist

space blog author

introduction to astronomy courses in 100 professors

think my data visualization interesting technicians

just started by mail guide

Email needs to be as short as possible:

describe what I’ve done and what I’ve achieved (users, news reports, etc.)

tell them my target

consulted them to help me achieve this goal

do not exceed two or three short segments. Subsequent follow-up email should be shorter:

project update – recent achievements, functions, etc.. (if they have promised to update, skip this part)

asked them something else

Don’t let

you send >