Hui Tong revenue 17 billion rural electricity providers do not buy the future


] 17 billion yuan billion state power network, this is the last huitongda surrender answer.

A group of data

recently huitongda announced that 2016, platform revenues of approximately 17 billion yuan, an increase of 135%; behind this revenue, is the more than 58 thousand member Township store sales of more than 100 billion yuan.

rural electricity supplier B2C road difficult to walk through

from 2012 to date, has been in the countryside has been groping for five years, its CEO Xu Xiuxian deep enlightenment, the current rural environment, B2C difficult to pass. He found that the rural market is mainly manifested in the acquaintance, consumers trust acquaintances, the nearest purchase, the fulcrum of its circulation system is the couple’s wife shop". This kind of shop as the downstream of industrial products and agricultural products of the hub, carrying 95% of the local agricultural production and consumption and consumption of 80%. Therefore, the rural electricity supplier should do addition, to help the middle, rather than cut off the middle link, such as the city’s electricity supplier, forced to change the original consumer ecology in rural areas, directly to the C end consumers.

based on this understanding, huitongda take club, by starting the rural market towns of husband and wife shop, the store can provide tools, Fu, + +, +, commercial financial activities, the "5+ + + community service, such as the development of the background system for the supply of goods, etc.. This model has been favored by the capital, as of now, the exchange has completed the 3 round of a total of $1 billion 300 million financing.

Amoy affordable co-founder Zhong Junhai also said that the current rural electricity supplier is difficult to do B2C, and one of the reasons is that the poor rural logistics system based. Although the day before the introduction of the business in 13th Five-Year and the "central document" are clearly the villages to promote the logistics policy, but that the rural electricity supplier is a system engineering, to solve the logistics problem, a series of problems, such as customer service and user habits need to solve, not single point breakthrough winning.

in addition to consumption habits, logistics and other basic issues, accompanied by the construction of the city, young people go to work, resulting in the overall level of knowledge of rural consumers is low, the proportion of age imbalance has become a constraint. Chen Gongwei to find sources in Guangxi when Baise took part in a sponsored by the Bureau of agriculture technology extension, that can accommodate more than 2 thousand people banquet hall, less than 100 people. "Labor, young people mostly in rural areas, farmers have to 1/5 people to kill him, not to mention the content of the meeting to understand."

giants exploration

blue ocean market in rural areas has been widely recognized. A set of data from Analysys shows, 2015 Chinese agricultural e-commerce market size of 144 billion 450 million yuan, the permeability is less than 1.5%. But by 2017, will usher in a period of rapid growth, the chain growth rate will reach 51.6% in 2018, China’s agricultural e-commerce market transaction size is expected to exceed $380 billion.

such a big market, >