Competition competition electricity providers how to find their own long term development

Chinese Electric has always been of concern, not only because of the electricity supplier as the largest since 2008 a wave of the Internet, affects the development of related industries, the more important it is related with our life thick. Experienced a disastrous defeat in 2011, the electricity supplier giant restructuring, the price war in the white hot in 2012, and now China’s electricity supplier in a variety of competition highlights their values and development. And some strange means of competition, is their long-term development strategy.

price war has repeatedly set off

if you use a word to describe the performance of China’s electricity supplier in 2012, I think the low price promotion will be very appropriate. Tmall Electric City 200 million yuan, and 300 million yuan each new, Jingdong 500 million yuan, and Gome online mall were thrown 2 billion yuan promotional resources. In May 2012, the six giants have been announced to hit 5 billion 300 million yuan, large-scale price war triggered at any moment. Not only that, the old Eric and Liu Qiangdong as in the past the Jingdong adhere to the low price promotion strategy, in the face of such fierce competition, is planning to increase investment of 2 billion yuan and 400 million yuan special offer supply profits to the limit, again a comprehensive breakdown upset the whole network.

enclosure is no longer fresh, the development of derivative eye

is the first NetEase CEO Ding Lei pig, and Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong announced back home Suqian leased 5000 acres of land to grow rice, China business tycoon apparently some worthless. In June 13th, Taobao has established a new agricultural channel, has invited more than 1 thousand stores, products related to fruits and vegetables, carnivorous eggs and non-staple food grain and oil. Coupled with Jingdong to spend 400 million to build their own logistics system, China’s electricity supplier seems to be a family business, the field involves a number of industries. In 2010 the rise of the industry to buy the circle of geothermal, but it has been a rational treatment.

talent war triggered at any moment

"you" the success of the show although due to the unique creative producers, but no enterprise CEO’s help, it will drop a lot of attention, Lasafo,, the U.S. mission network, such as China business leader in this have paid desperate, and Ctrip it is in this year will be the main treatment of employees increase 20%, to curb the staff turnover. Do not know if you remember us net "reward friends send BMW", return the net 20W high salary for marketing, behind the seemingly crazy action, the electricity supplier giant Orient, threatened to seize the market, while the United States will Alibaba Sales Vice President Gan Jiawei hired as chief operating meituan Officer (COO) is the best example.

so for the peculiar phenomenon in the development of more than the electricity supplier industry, we can not blindly to interpret from the surface meaning, after all the development need time to verify, but Lin wanted to share my understanding about these things and you.