Foreign trade should pay attention to the user experience to enhance the core competitiveness

December 2011 China has joined the WTO for 10 years, but also the rapid development of China’s foreign trade industry in the past ten years. After 10 years of development, China’s rapid expansion of the scale of foreign trade, import and export value of nearly $3 trillion in the first 10 months of 2011. Join the WTO to the domestic foreign trade enterprises to relax, but also to promote the development of domestic and foreign small and medium enterprises e-commerce. For example, the number of registered members of the global Alibaba in 2001 was only 1 million, and to the beginning of October this year, has exceeded 72 million 800 thousand registered users, 10 year growth of nearly 73 times.

foreign trade electricity supplier also gradually realized that only rely on the B2B platform can do a good job in the era of foreign trade has been in the past, it is necessary to own e-commerce sites as the core, shaping the brand to enhance the core competitiveness. In recent years, many foreign trade enterprises are aware of the need to build foreign trade sites and put into action. If it is 4 or 5 years ago, the beginning of the operation of foreign trade electricity supplier website may find the initial marketing effect is very good, can bring some inquiries directly. And now almost 80% of foreign trade enterprises are foreign trade sites, even in the case of competition even if there is a professional to do the promotion, the effect has not been as good as before.

at this time, the foreign trade website user experience is particularly important, can do a good job of the user experience to a large extent affected the foreign trade enterprises to carry out the core competitiveness of e-commerce. Can be considered from the following angles based on e-commerce sites, how to improve the user experience of overseas customers:


a professional first impression: open speed

no customer is willing to spend a lot of time waiting for your website to open, as long as the site is not opened in 20 seconds, they will not hesitate to close. It is conceivable that slow loading speed will cause you to lose many potential customers. Many foreign trade sites are flash, video and other content affecting the site open speed, which is not from the customer’s point of view.

you must allow customers to open the site in 3-5 seconds after knowing what you are selling, since it is to do product sales will come straight to the point, do not need to "cover"; at the same time must have the search function, the customer can find the product he wants at once. To give customers a professional, intuitive first impression is the first step.

two, informative and valuable information: navigation and product description


site must have a clear navigation, can tell the customer what he in the local website, any one page and can arrive he wants to go within 2 steps, to provide convenient access for customers to browse information on the website.

products should be divided into different product types to describe, such as the appearance of the experience products, like shoes of this kind of product, should focus on the recommended picture quality, detail drawings and personalized products and raw materials; the type of products, you can display.