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this year, vip.com shares rose Chinese, became the fourth largest market capitalization of Internet Co, and with jumei.com, the Jingdong listed, as well as dangdang.com positive earnings, the business sector can be described as surge high and sweep forward.

however, with the recent jumei.com media exposure appears fake, Lanting Pavilion set of potential losses, the entire electricity supplier sector has recently slowed somewhat.

it is worth noting that, in late September, is about to visit the U.S. capital market Alibaba, is also an electricity supplier stocks. With ALI approaching, the electricity supplier sector may also fluctuate in the near future.

, however, from the industry point of view, although the first tier cities in the electricity supplier market has become saturated, but mobile electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier to the traditional retail change has just begun.

electricity supplier sector began to weaken


is the best performing sector this year, but the trend is not optimistic about the recent electricity supplier concept.

was first launched in May this year jumei.com, the stock of landing the NYSE after the way up, in August 15 hit a record high of $37.99, then the stock price way down, as of September 5th closing price of $28.82, since the half fell 24%.

dangdang.com (NYSE:DANG) from the second half of last year the trend is getting better, and in March 17th this year reached the highest point in 3 years to $18.66, after experiencing a wave of callback, and from May this year, the stock price rising. Recently, Dangdang downward pullback from the August 14th disclosure of earnings, the stock price fell sharply by nearly 7%. Although dangdang.com reported a record net profit of 28 million 800 thousand yuan last year, reversing a loss situation, but as of September 2nd, dangdang.com closing price of $14.14, compared with August 13th earnings before the peak of $16.17 fell nearly 14%.

jumei.com, vip.com had driven up the entire plate or electricity supplier, and even makes this sector led the entire concept stocks." IResearch consulting analyst Wang Yaqian told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said, however, in the near future, the overall stock market suffered twists and turns, the trend of the electricity supplier sector or implicated.

The effect of

electricity supplier sector does not rule out the weakness of ali." Wang Yaqian also told reporters that, does not affect the quantitative Alibaba listed, but the general trend in the industry, investors or fund in a plate with fixed allocation of funds, investment companies will not be too much to hold a plate stock, especially Ali essentially belongs to the electricity supplier stocks, there is some competition with other the company, so they will sell the stock to buy other electricity providers, Alibaba.

in fact, this is the industry’s main argument for the listing of Alibaba.

, however, there is another voice, once the listing of Alibaba, there may be a situation with the rise. "There is a question of valuation comparison"