Who is the future of B2C

recent e-commerce Summit Forum one after another, to discuss to discuss the last point of view: B2C is the future. Note that this is a very correct nonsense, right to all agree, nonsense to all people know. But what is the future of B2C? I think that’s what people are more concerned about.

industry final, goods world, policy and regional advantages and disadvantages

The future of

B2C pattern will be 4 formats: pure B2C channel separation; traditional retail enterprises; brand manufacturers and the Internet / network goods brand.

pure channel type B2C: in addition to now several comprehensive the largest B2C and the vertical industry lead horse can also continue to maintain the leading position with first mover advantage and capital advantage, the future of pure channel type B2C entrepreneurial opportunities will become less and less, the scale is more and more difficult.

traditional retail enterprises in developed countries by virtue of online shopping, supply and retail experience, traditional retail enterprises accounted for nearly half of the market share, such as the United States and Western TOP20 Seoul department; good city; Jesse Pani; Taghit; WAL-MART; best buy; Circuit City and other traditional retail enterprises, South Korea TOP10, Le Tian; love; new department stores also ranked among the world.

brands: brand manufacturers will ultimately to electronic commerce involved in direct sales, since can not stop the trend, it is better to join leading this trend, and rely on the brand brand appeal; first hand goods and brand resources are more likely to get good results.

Internet brand / net goods: the prevalence of Internet brand / net goods is unique to China, who let us have so many OEM factories, strong redundant manufacturing capacity and low manufacturing cost advantage?. The Internet brand refers to the original B2C brand, net goods refers to Taobao on the brand, the former senior official background usually from the Internet elite team and big brand, leveraging venture capital expansion; the latter background is usually small and medium-sized OEM/ foreign factories or individual designers, with the Taobao platform to achieve profitability as the premise the accumulation of growth. Some of the popular goods in the net goods such as wheat bag, etc. after the completion of the gradual completion of the accumulation of Taobao to independent B2C, the center of gravity to enhance the brand value added and B2C customer base coverage. Whether it is the Internet brand or to a Amoy net goods, need to improve the 3 core capabilities: the design of supply chain production and supply quality; ability of brand marketing and service, which requires a large amount of funds and professional talents.

in addition to the above several formats, other countries and some successful China formats in different environments is not open display difficult: such as the United States, office supplies, office supplies procurement in the United States online business practice, Staples Office Depot; OFFCIE; MAX; CDW and other enterprises are large scale, and Chinese enterprise features is the relationship of human communication and gray trading. Half of the country, Korea TV shopping companies occupy TOP B2C GSESHOP; CJ; Lotte; "

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