The arrears or corruption of suppliers owed money trouble Wo Wo Group

every reporter Zhao Chenting from Beijing

has been favored by the capital market this year, the group purchase collective contract.

in group purchase enterprises in the capital in the winter to catch the Maori bitter moment, out of Wo Wo Group supplier payment default message. Recently, the nine Hangzhou flood Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flood of nine) the person in charge of business Yang Jia told the "daily economic news", Wo Wo Group began to defer payment since May, as of August 31st, Wo Wo Group owed a total of nine companies a total of 93462.1 yuan loan.

this special assistant, Wo Wo Group chairman Yang Guoqiang admitted that there is the problem of arrears, but there is another reason for payment of arrears, "Wo Wo Group capital chain is no problem".

arrears or corruption?

it is understood that in February this year, the nine season to become a Wo Wo Group supplier in accordance with the contract, the parties to the agreement of the statement of the way, after the product line, the monthly 15 days before Wo Wo Group will carry on the statistics of sales last month, the total sales decline last month buckle the actual replacement cost after the corresponding settlement amount shall, after confirmation of full settlement to the flood of nine.

Yang Jia said that the initial settlement of the payment of cooperation is still relatively timely, but after May, her collection of road is quite bumpy. "July 15th June payment settlement should be, I have Wang Li, and Wo Wo Group procurement staff assistant Dong Jing communication after the settlement, Wo Wo Group finally struggled to make June a small part of the arrears. But May is still not to settle the arrears, we repeatedly dunning, did not get a positive reply."

later, Yang Jia contacted Wo Wo Group division vice president Li Junyi, Li Junyi promised at the time before the August 15th settlement due to the flood of nine 4~6 in August 15th July after the payment, settlement of arrears. Unfortunately, in August 15th, Wo Wo Group did not like about the payment to the account, Li Junyi has said it is on vacation, to return to the company to deal with.

it is understood that since August 31st nine flood has to stop the supply of Wo Wo Group users.

in this regard, Yang Guoqiang admitted that Wo Wo Group and the nine flood payments does exist no part of settlement, but why owed money, Yang Guoqiang said another reason. He said, in order to provide better services to consumers and businesses, Wo Wo Group before the formation of integrity in the group purchase industry sector, fired the first shot in corruption.

"business personnel with the Wo Wo Group nine flood of individual staff collusion, unfair means to occupy an important position and has an unknown site, the alleged illegal occupation of funds, corporate finance, currently the case has been reported to the public security organs will be involved in payment temporarily frozen, waiting for further processing." Yang Guoqiang told the daily economic news reporter.

but the answer does not satisfy Yang Jia. According to the nine flood sources, at the end of August, the company issued a reminder to Wo Wo Group, Wo Wo Group immediately proposed the existence of private illegal transactions, called for an investigation of 3~6 months.