Lei Jun to every guest with deep hatred and resentment in the past few years lost

where the customer is back.

this business 8 years of Internet brand, since 2010, has gone from peak to trough concussion, become one of the cross-border dispute model, if to a clothing brand, where the customer is still young, still can continue to polish, but if in the rapidly changing Internet, has seven rounds of financing where customers, as a concept the following year.

we rely on what revival? Return of the product, became the biggest highlight of the customer. "I don’t want to pursue any grand narrative anymore." All passengers aged CEO said, I just want to make the product, "even the most basic."

involving lakes

April 1st, the long silence, where customers rarely appear in recent years old, this day back in the spotlight.

according to the old saying, the release of new products in Wukesong, there seems to be a coincidence that somewhere in the road of Beijing, aged 21 years ago, also started from the Agricultural Academy in Wukesong nearby.

regardless of the weather, or outside the industry atmosphere, where customers are in an alternating cold and warm moment. 2007 where the customer to mimic PPG business, 2010 due to the rapid expansion of VANCL style "marketing storm, annual sales reached 3 billion 800 million yuan scale, marketing costs up to 500 million yuan, but the rapid expansion of the customer, quickly get out of control situation, immediately began several years of adjustment, layoffs, like illness in general.

good news is that over the past several years of precipitation, we basically have done zero starting, and even can be said to be more entrepreneurial.


where the size of the company, tens of thousands of people from the scale of the peak period, reduced to the current more than and 300. Where the customer because of crazy expansion, SKU (stock keeping unit, to distinguish between single goods) once reached million, currently only thousands of SKU, the category also gradually concentrated in a few shirts, T-Shirts, jeans, canvas shoes and other fields. In the brand focus, because of the rapid expansion of the original control, once styled V+ platform strategy, is also gradually fade.

in fact, with the rapid development of electricity market and shuffle, the past two years we already faint voice.

The most prosperous time for

2010 where the customer, in the Chinese B2C market share reached 5.2%, second only to Jingdong, Amazon and dangdang.com (Tmall was newly established, Ali is the Taobao platform). The beginning of 2011, where the market began to decline, down from 5% to 2%, while in 2012 because of inventory liquidation to drive sales, was up to 2.7%, but the overall decline is difficult to reverse, in 2013 the market share of only 0.2%, from the beginning of 2014, the main business market rankings, has not seen in the figure.

and the corresponding is, shop No. 1, vip.com, jumei.com and other new business platform share rose.

since 2014, aged.