Taobao is expected to open 13 years of hostility to the bank payment channels

IT home news June 5th news, according to the day before the Alibaba and China UnionPay online both internal sources, Ali and Taobao are open UnionPay online payment channels to negotiate issues negotiation, but the details are still pending.


it is understood that, as early as in 2003, Ma had visited the cup, intended to seek to develop a payment channel for Taobao, but then Ma was denied cup. Since then, Ma built Alipay and become an important part of Ali ecological construction. 13 years later, Taobao stood in front of the cup again, but this time it seems that the latter has become a weak party, after all, the current Taobao has not so much need UnionPay online payment channels.

from the Economic Observer reported that before 2014, Chinese UnionPay president Wen Chao once in the WeChat group said, hope and horses drink great wine, always feel the way out lies in the cooperation in the competition, to achieve new cooperation with new competition". Today, Ali and UnionPay has finally come to the end, a table so that drink wine when the meal is to achieve a long cherished wish.