Electronic commerce into personal webmaster career planning

e-commerce development and talent demand

with the development of global e-commerce, various industries into electronic commerce industry, selling products or services online, the development of good corporate online turnover has more than physical stores, has become the electronic commerce enterprise. Perhaps many companies tasted the sweetness of network marketing and e-commerce, the new year began to plan a new plan. This is not just after world famous group purchase website – group purchase website founder Groupon will enter the China market news is becoming more and more clear, the "March recruitment of thousands of people" recruitment plan also surfaced. It seems that the development of e-commerce will gradually expand business enterprises need to network marketing, website promotion and other professionals, and the leader in this type of talent in the vast majority of latent individual stationmaster people.

personal webmaster career planning

personal webmaster refers to the use of external force to create their own site, or blog. A person dealing with construction, promotion, operation. With Wangzhuan dreams of young people. These young people are eager to learn and accept new things very quickly. Many well-known Web site or network company leaders have been more than 10 years old personal webmaster. Individual stationmaster in success before, are all things a person dealing with the website construction, website promotion, website operation, so that the individual owners are generally familiar or proficient in search engine optimization, network marketing, e-commerce is a comprehensive talent.

e-commerce talent treatment

has 3-5 years of personal webmaster and industry experience, familiar with the network promotion of e-commerce talent treatment in different regions and industries have some differences. For example, in the tourism industry in Chengdu, the medical industry e-commerce talent monthly basic salary should be between 3000-5000 yuan, plus performance and bonuses, the monthly total income should not be less than 8000-10000 yuan. In highly profitable industries and coastal areas, the total revenue of e-commerce talent should be higher. Of course, the premise is that you have to be worthy of the name of e-commerce talent, rather than understand the point of computer operation clerk. E-commerce talent is easy to understand that the use of the Internet can quickly and a large number of sales of enterprise products and services for the enterprise to create profits. Not only do you have to understand the knowledge of computer networks, but also to understand the industry in the field of knowledge. The next 10 years, China’s e-commerce talent gap of about 2000000, the vision of the personal career planning of the webmaster should be e-commerce talent.

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