Alibaba Wang Jian Ali’s biggest contribution is to understand the consumer

Sina Financial News 2014 China Green company annual meeting, the era of change: reality and vision, held in Guangxi, from 20 to 22 in Nanning. Alibaba (scroll information) group CTO Wang Jian in the big data change business management and management Roundtable statement.

he said that Alibaba’s understanding of the era of big data is still primitive, but in a sense, does not exceed Suning’s understanding of e-commerce group. Wang insisted that Suning group should respect, but Suning understanding of e-commerce is not enough.

is the following statement Wang Jian record:

Wang Jian: big data before, the impact on the enterprise may also be traced back to the impact of the Internet on the enterprise. To speak clearly, so that we understand the enterprise’s understanding of big data, there are three things that might ultimately.

one is the internet. The Internet is a hot word is cloud computing, is big data. The reason is very simple, Internet Co must be a data company. Alibaba in 2008 opened a meeting, suddenly found that not the e-commerce company, is a data company, the company is very, very big impact.

second things have a very big impact on the enterprise, when he discovered a data company, suddenly found a little something less, something into wealth data, by what? Rely on cloud computing, must be inside the value from the data with the lowest cost, in order to survive, so we imagine if not, get the value with the lowest cost, is not live, this is the most basic.

the second thing to understand is that the calculation must be turned into public service, the beginning of 2008, in terms of our business, with another point of view to express Alibaba, we have said a few words, not Taobao’s people may not have, Taobao China social contribution not let you buy things, to the society the biggest contribution is the consumer habits in our own hands enterprise. Consumer habits is data, which is inverted look. Sometimes Ma will speak, the company is to take the data to sell things, Alibaba this company is selling things, in order to data, which is the most basic is not the same place, but also we slowly come.

Microfinance things

Alibaba do, most reflect the value of the data, or Internet data, I will not speak of big data, the value of Internet data, in the past to say the loan, the bank’s most important is to investigate credit, mortgage, these two things. Credit is a traditional way of looking at the data, it can be said that this is the data, but the traditional, why it?. How do we use the data to become a corporate credit? For it in the past on our platform to settle down data, not us to collect data, is settling down data, these data in the past is of no use, but because we put it into a model, after a letter, it becomes this small the wealth of the enterprise, will enable us to do loans by more than and 300 employees to 700 thousand people, this.