Electricity supplier own brand templates Le bee network from zero to 400 million

Jingdong, Suning, Taobao and other electricity providers under the guidance of tens of billions of electricity providers, vertical electricity supplier how to survive?. The vertical cosmetics business electricity bee network of the original brand, static good, in four years time to start from scratch to achieve an annual income of $400 million, which became a model of the model.

Le bee network CEO Wang Licheng is directly given the reasons for doing their own brand, this is very simple, cosmetics sell third party’s standard does not make money, bigger own brand is our core resources."

from Le bee will do its own brand shape of the case, to do its own brand need unique resources and doorways.

made its own brand originally from Shen Napeng’s proposal

lefeng.com founder Li Jing recalled, first decided to do its own brand in 2008, when she founded the Oriental popular just got a first round of financing from Sequoia Capital, a board after the meeting, Shen Napeng of Sequoia Capital should do its own brand.

, in fact, the brand made a special rush, Shen Napeng said at the time, the electricity supplier is the mall, and the mall to sell things other people do not make money, to make money to do their own brand. I know that shopping malls do not make money to buy L’OREAL, so they decided to do." Li Jing memories.

in the board of directors, Li Jing thought of the first product can be done, is essential oils, because people on the street to know what is facial cleanser, and do not know what is essential oil, so the market is very large."

after that, Li Jing began to fashion editor, other business friends learn, and then a little bit to do. The instructions for the first product were even written by Li Jing himself.

thus, Le bee network’s own brand, static good JPlus began to create. And because Li Jing has been doing the host, independent television programs, so that the resources to have a number of trusted their audience, the concept of the brand to get out of the first step.

Daren brand road to save money

Li Jing confident that he is a master of things to buy, but because of funding problems, how can we grow and develop a good brand to start their own Daren brand model.

"to find the most famous star, and then from his fans like what to do the investigation, and then do the development, so that we can save a lot of advertising costs, will not be so blind." Li Jing said.

from Li Jing to create a good brand of its own, the makeup of the small P teacher is the first development of BB cream products, because of the relationship between the people, the product will be sold on the volume. This lefeng.com began to reproduce this pattern, including Jean JCare, JMIXP, Ke Ji mills muscle age JLYNN, net muscle JSkin, JMiracle muscle Qi Star brand has been established and fully into electrical goods category.

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