Large electricity supplier into the Bureau was micro business assimilation is still more than person


from the seller, the agency system and three products developed, has now evolved to 2 times. Suning, Gome, shop No. 1 launched C2C micro business platform, although on the surface remains in the circle of friends scraper, but the product, logistics, customer service has a large business support, in fact the derivative has been out of the individual agent model, enter the distribution model. However, from the above three large B2C micro business practice, the product is less, and more of their employees in doing, the significance of micro business has become a promotion from sales. In the industry view, the "single from the distribution mode, Haier had tried the pattern, imported snacks and creative commodities and other non-standard products more suitable for micro business, more convenient communication, is not good as home appliances, 3C effect on derivative products in the standard".

platform micro business rise

if your concept of micro business is still selling the mask in the circle of friends scraper, then you OUT! The mobile Internet era, the traditional B2C business will not miss the opportunity of social power, the Jingdong’s pat micro shop released 100 thousand micro business partner recruitment plan, micro business training camp "national tour plan, Su Ning to encourage employees to open micro shop, Gome throws 100 thousand micro shop plan, the latest to join the micro business B2C business is the shop No. 1.

1 shop launched a micro shop class platform applications, No. 1 V shop App, the target user is familiar with the mobile Internet, social networking platform, and want to work part-time or full-time business crowd. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter survey found that 1 V shop can only sell the number of stores and shop No. 1 self merchants settled in the business of the number 1. From the buyer’s market point of view, the number 1 shop proprietary goods and the official website of the shop No. 1 is no different, settled merchants commodity prices are lower than the official store No. 1. From the seller’s market, the seller in the shop No. 1 provides the purchase price on the basis of self price, through the social networking platform to attract users to buy goods, shipped directly from the shop No. 1, between the purchase price and the purchase price of the seller to earn the price difference.

and many individuals involved in the micro business model, with the help of electronic business platform to carry out micro business undoubtedly belong to the regular army". The reporter to experience No. 1 micro shop, V shop and found, click the derivative commodity link, jump to Suning and shop No. 1, and there is no difference in shopping website. Compared with unsolicited products, micro business platform is still through acquaintances to buy, but also in product quality, customer service and other aspects of security. From this point of view, micro business has got rid of the low small scattered impression, into the era of large and micro business.

from sales to promotion

derivative of the rapid rise, an important reason is the spread of the rich overnight explosion of myth, propaganda to most people earning large quantities of gold each day to an unknown brand held a micro business conference, thousands of people attended the meeting, please even star appearance are very common. But behind the mystery in the agency model, and even micro business shouted, "give me 3000 derivative, I will occupy the market". From brands to an agent, two agents of various levels, each level of the agency needs to pay up.