Let the customer rest assured enterprise e commerce website design

with the rapid development of Internet technology, and the rapid popularization of Internet enterprises, enterprises more and more companies will shift their business to the Internet, which not only saves the cost, but also greatly enhance the work efficiency. The enterprise e-commerce website is the basis of all e-commerce activities. It is very important for the development of enterprises to build a powerful and perfect e-commerce website. At the same time, many e-commerce businesses are not well known by users, which appeared in the trust problem, how to make them in the web site to generate trust, the following are a few simple suggestions.

1, information about the company

from the point of view of the characteristics of e-commerce online small businesses do not have the reputation of large businesses. In order to make up for this, the company should be introduced at the beginning of the relevant information. This allows users to feel that they are browsing the site behind a professional businessman. The publication of such information is a statutory obligation, especially in order to ensure that the trust of the digital economy and the law is mandatory. The name, contact information and telephone number of the company and the person in charge should be posted on the website. Exemption from business registration of independent traders also need to provide as much information as possible.

also noted that the National Commission on information and freedom, as well as its registration number in the committee, would also make the visitors feel at ease. The more information about the nature of the organization, the easier it is to read, the more hesitant the Internet users will feel.

In persuading the viewer’s efforts,

has the advantage of having a physical store merchant than those who only have a website. They may be able to make this kind of activity more tangible and more accurate by pointing out the store’s contact, location and photos. In the same way, it is also a way to make sure that a person in charge of the company or his team has a good idea.

2, contact us

points out to potential customers that he already has a customer who buys and is satisfied on the site, and what is more persuasive than this?. This feature can collect a positive evaluation of customers, for example, thanks to the seller or the seller to send a quick proposal.

has a dedicated collection and dissemination of these views of service providers, but this is mainly for large businesses. For those small businesses, it will be easy to do. Just collect the letters and put them on the "contact us" page. In order to encourage the evaluation, the merchant can systematically ask his customers for advice. For example, in the notice of shipment of the product in the mail with a table. In this case, it should be pointed out that it is used to collect opinions.

3, partner list

if it is not very famous, online businesses can take advantage of other aspects of reputation. The most obvious is to obtain third party trust, such as some certification. Even if it is not related to certification, it is equally important to show the name and logo of the famous partner in the same location. Start with the service providers and banks that pay security. Transport operator

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