Ali mother launched the new three package plan

previously, Alibaba group’s parent company Ali has launched the three package program, namely, Bao Yingli, package payment, the package recommended by the industry that is the formulation of advertising rules. Recently, Ali mother announced that in order to repay the support of the majority of the owners of the beginning of the launch of the mother of Ali three package plan, will invest tens of millions of dollars to start the new three package plan.

It is reported that

, the plan in advance will be aimed at the financial, automotive and sports industry website, to meet the standards of the site will be classified by industry% 103 package, which refers to anyone who is Ali mother "Three Guarantees" plans to select categories of sites, all such website will be "bought" advertising. The site does not have the flow of advertising and advertising environment size to meet the requirements of the standard.

According to Ali mother

general manager Wu Yongming introduction, as long as have a stable environment to meet the classification standards of advertising will be three packets, Ali mother professional team will join the appropriate category for guide website, into the "New Three Guarantees" website, Ali mother in the idle period between the advertisement will buy advertising, to ensure that these sites has stable advertising revenue. Some analysts believe that the move to Ali mother after it entered the brand advertising market ready, intended for the "national network" products to ensure that more resources relative to advertisers will enhance the effect of advertising coverage.