Online shopping carefully black network scam

Either only payment delivery, or delivery of procrastination, February online shopping complaints

from the complaint, the online shopping complaints are mainly concentrated in the existence of quality defects, the product itself does not provide operator bills etc.. And in February the complaint appeared new problems. One is the only cash delivery, "black" scam website. A consumer in February 15th in a website fancy a Sony Ericsson 800C phone. According to the website to put 2320 yuan remitted to the designated account, the other requirements to collect two of the money supply to mobile phone. Verified by the industry and commerce, the site does not exist on the express business address. Can not find the money site, not only did not buy a mobile phone, pay it back. The two is the delivery of procrastination, gift "expired". Consumers ordering flowers on a website, agreed to February 14th delivery. When consumers find each other according to the agreed time delivery, then contact the site, the other phone has been in a state of no answer. The original "if not on time delivery is 200% refund" commitment to this website. Now the site can not be contacted, there is no question of compensation. After 12315 mediation, the website for consumers to complete flowers and an apology.

Analysts say

12315 so to remind consumers: first to choose the regular shopping site, and check the Red Shield network standard is true. You can click on the red shield web site to check the name of the company’s name, business address and other basic registration. Such as the website publicity camp arrived together at?? of Yan Shan Wu site verification of the authenticity of the information registered enterprises. At the same time, but also to check whether the enterprise has the quality of goods sold, so as not to be deceived.