No credit Chinese network you can also live a few days

a few days ago I saw in the Ali Mama advertising, at the time that the price of what is good, buy it for 4 weeks, the time to view today, the Chinese network owners actually will be before the next frame, put on new advertising, if you do not put advertising. I can understand a new advertising to get money, what does it mean for


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their advertising link address is:, they are set to buy advertising needs to be displayed only after the audit, the reason why you passed my purchase and then cancel the advertising


please be careful to buy advertising, two days ago there is a website called Utopia as, every time after I bought in to see me advertising, finally I asked the arbitration, Ali mother said is normal.

webmaster friends: now what is not reliable, or to rely on their own!

this is a friend sent to me, ask me to help you release, we pay close attention to the alliance, to justice for unfair behavior!