Alternative social network Pheed users with high quality content to make money


offbeat social network Pheed: high-quality content users earn money lead: YAHOO wrote this week, in the field of social networking, Facebook "ads + value-added services model seems to be inconfutable truth. But the new social network Pheed with a unique subscription model to prove that social networking is not only a way to make money.

the following is the main content of the article:

in the field of social networking, Facebook is worthy of the king, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites are the main competitors. However, a social networking service called "Pheed" is quietly rising, and its unique business model has attracted the attention of many people.

from the surface, Pheed based on Facebook and similar friends system, users can publish text, pictures, audio, video and other content. This is no different from other social networks. But it’s innovation is the way to make money: Facebook and Twitter website mainly rely on advertising and value-added services to profit, but Pheed "against the world", directly to the user fees.

it is: if the user feels that the quality of a person’s release is very high, then you can pay attention to each other, and pay a small amount of monthly or by the number of times, in order to view the contents of the other release. In other words, Facebook is a content sharing platform, Pheed is further, has become a high-quality content distribution platform.

in February this year, apple App Store free application list, Pheed has been ranked first in a row over Twitter and Facebook. This rapid growth due to their young people to download, at the age of 15 to 24 years old, lost interest in Facebook, and switch to Pheed which is a new type of social network.

Pheed’s iOS client was launched at the end of the year and attracted a number of star users, such as American entertainer Pris · (Paris Hilton) and · Cyrus (Miley), etc.. According to the ABC news, Pheed co-founder and CEO (O.D. Kobo) said that the Expo attracted Pheed to some of the stars, but also to get some music agent support, but did not pay them.

copyright characteristics

Pheed can attract star users, thanks to its business model can be a good protection of copyright works of art. It allows users to upload their own video and photos on the watermark, to indicate the ownership of copyright. If other users want to download or obtain copyright, they need to pay.


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