Group purchase website whether in the winter reputation as the key to accumulate steadily

winter has come, in this sudden drop in temperature season, the group seems to have suffered the biggest test since its birth. Through the "2011 China network group purchase industry statistics report" about 540 thousand group purchase activities, the total sales of nearly 11 billion yuan, equivalent to 5.5 times the data in 2010, the group purchase of about 3900, a decrease of 3.7%, a decrease of nearly 30% more than the September 2001 peak of more than 5 thousand, group purchase had really bad day.

had earlier Baidu CEO Robin Li is not optimistic about the prospect of more numerous group purchase group purchase, experts criticized: first, much bubble is not without value, product market value is still large; two, is not entirely without commercial value, but that as an independent industry time is not mature, converting the independent support market test; three, excessive investment, and products with the market value does not match. Combined with the actual view, the criticism does exist, and is quite obvious. So, how to plan the future of group purchase, in order to truly carry the banner of "industry".

at this time, most people think that in the China group purchase market financing, there seems to be an unwritten rule that is: who is the first financing, who becomes king. But the result is not consistent with expectations? Rice group as IPO group purchase overseas financing after the first single, hire celebrities astronomical endorsement, increase regional market territory, hope to take this opportunity to occupy the domestic group purchase market quickly. Do not say how the effect, please read the reader down. According to everyone’s latest report shows that the net profit of all people are significantly reduced the cost of glutinous rice group. Now, do you know the answer to the question of whether or not financing will bring success?


in the industry generally believe that the China domestic group purchase industry competition, the losses are just normal, but we have to understand is the group purchase business model that is the "burning investor money, money to burn group purchase would be over, so we must change the group purchase business model, rely on Financing delusion to solve the difficulties, will only be Arabian Nights


trust crisis has become the biggest obstacle to buy forward

a few days ago, fake Tissot event of a large group purchase group purchase website, so that consumers feel very shocked. The same month, another large group purchase website to carry out the "delicacy", also by staff shelling, said "poor quality of service, a little food and propaganda that are not the same, delicacy experience is nothing!" a crisis of confidence has become a group purchase mishap. According to the "investigation report" in 2011 China group purchase user behavior showed that there are still 80.3 users maintain trust in group purchase, but if it does not take measures to curb the group purchase industry’s frequent "cheating", so for now the group purchase is undoubtedly one disaster after another.

as to how to solve the problem, the author thinks that we can introduce the reputation evaluation system, that is, UGC (the content generated by the user) evaluation system. In fact, this system has been in Taobao and other B2C platform should be, now get >

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