Method for converting garbage flow into high quality flow

these days, since I opened the "hot word optimization" section, added a lot of popular content, I visited the site also began to soar, several of them ranked good post, 5 days to bring me more than 20 thousand visitors, I posted a little stone. The friend said, they look down on these garbage flows, don’t think what value, then I would say that the flow of value, perhaps his value will make a lot of regular standing people envy, I give an example of the word I do:


through long-term observation, China NBA basketball fans, are very enthusiastic for the Rockets, a lot of people on the network to find live, 5.1 days in my NBA China official website I have observed a rocket VS Jazz game in May 3rd, this game is related to the fate of the fire arrow the day before, searches a few rockets VS Jazz game is more 4000IP, then I think 5.3 days the chance certainly visits not too little, but may be more than the play, so I made a 5.3 page game in 5.1 days, because before the game on the page the competition is small, easy to get ranked, I use the title "Sir vs Live May 3rd 5.3 rocket rocket | Sir vs video", which contains the key words "Sir vs, May 3rd May 3rd rocket rocket Sir vs live, 5.3 Sir vs, 5.3 vs rocket rocket "," Jazz video in included in Baidu Google YAHOO and I get a good ranking, in May 3rd and May 4th two days, this page I have read more than 3000 times, interested friends can see my content is how to write. I have so many words in my this page:

see my friend standing must want to watch the live broadcast of the rocket vs jazz on May 3rd, I recommend to you a NBA regular season online live broadcast software: click download NBA game dedicated player

this software called UUSEE, is a powerful tool in live online, you can find the above sports channel NBA broadcast every game, clarity is very high, the speed is very smooth, there are millions of users.

believes that do Wangzhuan friends should be able to understand it, as long as the use of properly, the value is very large, I give you my 5-1 screenshots to 5-3 my horse alliance income:


date source installation activation income (yuan)

2008-05-03 11340832384 126.000

2008-05-02 11340837878 117.000

2008-05-01 11340842893 139.500

total – 1129255 382>

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