Exclusive secret angel investors in the end is how the investment projects


many entrepreneurs are looking for investment, especially start-ups entrepreneurs, they want to see is the angel investors. Popular on the market for a lot of 5 minutes to get the angel investor story, myth majority. Angel investors in the end is how to invest in the project, in fact, has been hidden behind the scenes, covered with a veil of mystery. Under the efforts of the entrepreneur media and the Chinese young angels, the veil has finally been unveiled.

November 17th -19, entrepreneur 5 anniversary celebration and the 2013 Chrysler cup dark horse Contest Finals held in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel. At 17 PM, by entrepreneurs and media Chinese the most active angel investor organization Chinese youth angel angel investment salon co sponsored links, staged a live version of angel investment show.

came to the scene of more than 100 angel investment and VC investors, entrepreneurs and media to seize the dark horse contest organizing committee recommended to enter the 2013 dark horse contest finals of the 3 outstanding roadshow project. The founders came from dark horse 5 minute speech to the recommendation, the earliest angel investors to recommend to the other angels sharp questions and try to keep the prices down, and then to the horse business founder and angel investors bargain…… Exciting, knife with blood.

in the appreciation of the wonderful angel investment and investment show, let us first look at the rules.


1, project roadshow for 5 minutes. It refers to the founder of the company came to power with PPT’s 5 minute speech, on-site staff will be in strict accordance with the time to the card, the remaining 1 minutes will prompt the founder of the enterprise.

2, angel investor project Q & A. It means sitting in the middle of the Chinese young angel will all the members to question the project, this part of other guests and investors have no right to ask questions, only China young angel will decide investment at the scene of the members have the right to ask questions.

3, venture capital investment review. Refers to sitting in the middle of the two row of judges, each person’s table has a YES or NO brand, to the scene entrepreneurs a feedback, a proposal.

4, site investment decisions and investment. A total of 7 minutes, by the China youth angels members valuation and the amount of investment for the project communication and negotiation, and make a final investment decision, investment or give up, the amount of investment is much more, valuation, who was involved in the investment, the site will show results.

(Note: only the members of the China Youth angels will be able to participate in the vote. At the scene, Jiayuan network, 91 teacher network founder Gong Haiyan also voted for a project, the result because it is not a member of the youth angel’s and has been rejected.


learned about the angel investor who pioneered by the entrepreneur media and China Youth Angels

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