The use of post drainage do a monthly income of 50 thousand Google Union

has been in the A5 to learn from everyone’s experience, I also share my experience.

following one of my posts, post title: my girlfriend is a ghost, you think of a way to help me what should I do? I’m afraid… Now! This post has more than 2W browsing, more than 2 thousand active replies. And this post will do the signature map jump. Post address: do not write, do not let hair. Search their own

at the same time, I still do not have 10 large post bar to write this post, only to delete the posts of the 2, and the other 8, and each post this post posted more than 1W. That is almost 10 of the amount of W to browse. Even if you only have 1% signatures, then a post also brings you at least 1000 of the traffic. Every day to send 10 such posts, not a week, you can see the effect!

Post Bar notes:

1 post title must be attractive, no matter how good post, also have to see ~~

2 article must be readable, not to write soft Wen, the article part of the ad can not have.

3 try to find a reason to let you reply, so that you can post by more and more people see


4 card does not have to write your own,, Sina, etc. there are many Tianya community good article, move over a little false original, very easy to


5 hair is going to send hot stick. Such as Li Yuchun, World of Warcraft, death, 80, 90, Panlong, aion. And so on this depends on their own to find.

so with the flow, I’ll do the Google advertising alliance, because of his high price, I have done with a free blog, do 10 Google account, the following is one of my account’s income screenshot

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