For beginner CJ know my story

we do Wangzhuan CJ, this project is not to be done. A number of domestic and foreign experts, the United States began to earn more than GG knife CJ many times. CJ penetration rate in the country is far less than foreign. Engage in foreign websites do alliance CJ is the first choice. This led to a lot of people do not do CJ projects. In fact, the CJ project is not so difficult as we think. Here mainly for novices to say about CJ, master can float.

first, introduce the background of CJ. CJ is short for Junction Commission, Commission Junction is currently the largest integrated network of foreign advertisers, with more than 1000 sponsors, and every day of the new company to join, to support the Chinese website. The company has a wide range of business and technology, compared with other integrated network advertisers is the advantage of its monthly unified payment, but it should be so, so strict requirements. The company supports the Chinese website, each recommend one to get $$1.5. Pay the minimum amount of $25, the monthly payment.

so how to do CJ project. The actual course, CJ and GG have what distinction. Only you have a web site, and then in the CJ application to the advertising code on the site on the OK. However, many people are not doing the CJ project. They use GG ADWORDS advertising to get traffic. Because this is the intention to get the flow is more valuable. This is why some people use CJ months to earn $10W, while others just earn hundreds of dollars a month. In fact, is to engage in traffic, and engage in the flow of value issues. For example, my blog, is to rely on their own natural flow of CJ. Nature does not have those who make use of GG ADWORDS to do more traffic. To sum up the process of doing CJ, mainly for the purpose of obtaining natural flow practices:

first, we should have a website. If there is no website, then make a. English and Chinese are indifferent.

second, go to application account. And then apply for some advertisers.

third, after the approval of advertisers, advertising on their website. It should be noted that the CJ data statistics are not real-time. The data of the previous day will be updated at 3 p.m..

fourth, CJ account application is relatively easy. But don’t cheat. Or you’ll regret it. Because CJ is associated with your address.

fifth, CJ to each of the 25 U.S. knife can apply for withdrawals. Check payment.

new CJ three months before the trial period. CJ is mainly for your credit assessment period. So the new warning is to do CJ do not cheat. But after three months later, you have a good day. Oh, come to my blog.


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