Expose Qi run ad network fraud advertising

a few days ago to the webmaster nets around, see the website above Qi run ads, at a good price is registered an account to see how. Who knows, advertising is deceptive, click on the ads say 50 yuan 4 yuan and the actual click window is only 14 yuan, and there is the income deduction amount, as can be imagined.

seriously despise such false and fraudulent information, I hope the webmaster network to eliminate these false advertising. Avoid the rights and interests of our grassroots.

also hope that other webmasters discover such problems can be timely to advertising report, to avoid these sinister advertising alliance being engulfed by our interests.

Adsense online advertising network advertising fraud Qi run:


51.la Qi run ad network fraud advertising:


this is the actual advertising revenue:


this is my personal experience and the feeling of writing, and the webmaster network position has nothing to do with