Discussion on content network bid in Google Adwords

in Google on Adwords advertising, we all know the search network advertising and online advertising content, the search network is relatively better, a single search can match specific keywords, simply from the bid to consider it a specific keyword ranking, is from the keyword bid to control however, in the content network, is composed of all keywords an ad group to match the advertising content corresponding to the web site, so all these keywords will jointly determine the final bid bid, the basic formula for the total amount of bid: all the key words divided by keywords, there is one thing to note is that if a keyword without a specific offer, then Google will use the default bid advertising group.

in order to understand, I’ll give you an example: for example, I had a group of advertising cost per click bid, and then in the ad group added three keywords: "mouse pad", "mouse", "keyboard", set the default bid was 5 dollars, and then the mouse the keyboard alone I set a specific bid for the mouse, keyboard: 40: 15, of course, in this I just give a simple example,

so my ad group is on the run, and the ad is displayed on the website of a computer related accessories on the content network Google alliance, according to the above offer:

so bid formula: (5+15+40) /3=20 yuan

as a specific display position I of the ad group and the content of network match for the display position of bid is $20, you can calculate your advertising content network bid according to the formula.

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