Grassroots Entrepreneurs How did do with the public number of sales on the 33 thousand

know dad who is in half a year ago, there was no business model for him, only a dream, his wife and children, as well as a public account has ten thousand fans WeChat (classic books jingdianhuiben), while he was worried how to do the project. Because of confusion, he came to find a solution to the dark horse I. I dark horse gave sincere advice, and promised that if one day his project at the beginning of the scale, must give him a reporting channel. And now he’s done it……

below for his contribution and performance screenshot.

my WeChat public number is the "classic book", maintained for nearly a year, share the picture and family education, the couple get along with the public, do sales of 33 thousand in February 24th. The previous week, the average daily sales of about ten thousand. At that time my public subscription number is about 34 thousand.

2.24 early in the morning, I was in my micro shop posted a set price of 155 yuan of picture books, graphic news in the morning I made a public number, the user can tell me the subscription to the micro shop group purchase me this book, the day’s sales reached 33152.5. The next day to group purchase this book, but too many people to buy two in the afternoon shortage, have the shelf, but one morning sales 14637.5.

I do daily sales of 33 thousand, is on the WeChat public number and micro shop. To sum up, I can be regarded as Niu Wenwen from the content to the user to the relationship between the marketing theory of self media practitioners.

users through content development

from the point of view of the development of the user, the content must be original?. There are a lot of ways to develop the user, not necessarily to use the original clumsy way. If you want from the user’s point of view, the content must be original?. They need to value them "eggs", rather than who is "chicken""…… How to do the content?

first, if the content of dry cargo. I didn’t do what I play, WeChat public subscription first way is very clumsy, collecting a large number of useful data for mothers to picture in my Baidu cloud, and then to the forum, QQ group released a micro signal I content.

secondly, the content to be consistent with the positioning of WeChat public numbers. The contents of the location should be a process, I started the content of picture animation video, but users reflect the child watching video on mobile phone even damage the eyes. So I will change into a graphic picture book, but then find graphic picture of infringement, it replaced the audio book. Since my "classic book", the public is to share books, videos, pictures or audio, should be. But in addition, I also share articles. These articles are about parenting and family marriage.

The reason why I have to share the

, is based on two considerations: one is if only sharing books, number of share is very few, if there is a good article to cooperate, "

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