Talk about now do Taobao guest grassroots webmaster also have a way out

Hello everyone, I am a grassroots webmaster, today to share with you about the webmaster industry the most fire of the most concerned about the Taobao passenger industry, I do not know much about, we are clear.


in the past few years, as long as access to the Internet friends, especially as a grassroots webmaster you, want to make your first pot of gold on the Internet, it will be very hard to learn, to get more things, I am no exception, the earliest learned is the higher the industry, before the most profitable is the use of color flow to make money, of course, I did not do the operation.

later learned that the Taobao customer, he does not love Taobao customers this industry, can eventually chose the Taobao business, no matter what the industry started, no one, income is very good. Slowly more people, the competition on the big. We need to find another way.

then came out a number of Internet training machine purchase, many want to have income, want to know more people, want to learn the knowledge to run the training. Some have learned later, you want to achieve quickly, after learning that some training machine purchase is a lie. Is this your fault or the purchase of the wrong?. Back to Taobao customer training machine. What kind of training in this industry is still a lot of people.

engage in the purpose of training is not the same, some in order to income, a little fame to engage in what training, and some are for resources, training. Some just do it.

has a lot of grassroots Adsense joined them, leading the entire industry competition is more and more big, only to find some not many people the only way out, because what if faster than others, then your chances of success than any npc.

now often soak in the QQ group and grassroots webmaster online home, found a lot of friends QQ group said, now Taobao customers do not ah, feel out what training did not learn, only to learn what website like.

also has a few friends to add my QQ exchange, they say how you do Taobao guest, this problem is the most common, because everyone’s starting point is not the same. The choice of things are not the same, so there are some different ways to do. Haha

up to now, I feel now do Taobao and before, although the competition is big, but still have a very good future.

to summarise: no matter how much competition in the industry, even if the competition is very small, do Taobao off, if you have no intention to study seriously to analyze competitors, earnestly implement every things in place, it is difficult for you to see the effect, because it is not difficult to do but Taobao off, you are not your heart to operate, execution in place or not".

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