Network marketing needs to adhere to the practical is the best way

engage in such a long time of network marketing, do not think what shortcuts, do what all don’t be impatient to get down to do. There will be harvest! Everything is back to nature.

every day to send a lot of information on the Internet, the use of software release news. There are other institutions (website publicity), he also went to the portal to build the company’s blog publicity. E-mail marketing is also very important, the search is the most important part of the information, and then sort out the e-mail address, you can send e-mail * * software. But now NetEase email verification is too cumbersome, it is difficult to send in, that is, every time he sent 20 such a manual to send it is difficult to send, not much hair can not be issued, or be turned off by the NetEase. In addition, I use the fax, as long as you collect the customer information, and then open the computer, the software can be issued, so you can not salesman, let the machine to work for you. If the boss is not in, they can be very comfortable, not afraid of bad performance.

data collection is the most important. Software search is almost the same, the search is not necessarily more than you look for customers, it is important that you use keywords to find out how to filter out their own customers, this is the most important. Then is to find ways to send your information to the hands of customers. As for the customer to say, if you have a high level of business, it did not have to say. Good performance, customer information must be more, or not at all. Finally, talk about their own network to collect information, without the aid of any software tools. Search a customer information, you can apply divergent thinking, see a message can be Baidu search. For example, you see a related talent on the Internet, then you can look at his resume, he worked in that company, and then find the company’s information in Baidu, which is generally very accurate. My experience is that this collection of information is the best! Network marketing need to adhere to!

now you have a feeling is what things to do to do, don’t worry. Network marketing need to adhere to what things have to adhere to, nothing can casually succeed. Three days of fishing for two days drying nets certainly not. What the world can take no shortcuts, only experienced the hardships and dangers, unremittingly to succeed. I hope everyone can earn Diyitongjin life through network marketing, to realize their own better future!

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