The first video in my eyes

in Admin5 read a few articles on the first video bad evaluation, I do not do more evaluation, I do the first video has 2 months of experience to see the first video, we do not want to have too much misleading.


station has two Dora, but the real advertising alliance is that a few, I was kind of nostalgia for the people, that is "dead".

first video as a form of video advertising, with N advantages.

in the form of advertising, small advertising does not have the audio-visual integrated video advertising technology, this point, the first video to share opportunities, seize the video advertising market, even if Baidu video form, also can only be used as replication and cloning the first video advertising.

the first video in the form of a week junction, settlement is very flexible, and timely settlement, not default!

is the first video to show the existence of a form, as long as you have enough traffic, the income will be very stable.

on the first video ever, there will be a card or open the page will make a lot of people are not accustomed to the situation, now the first video has solved these problems.

I would like everyone in the first video, whether it will cooperate with the first video again, the decision in the hands of the owners.

I just hope I think good things and you share it, if you think I’m just the first video bloggers or lobbyists, I have nothing to say


wish you all get rich soon!

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