Talk about the whole point of foreign traffic do Google Adsense

one: the use of foreign search traffic to do Google Adsense

the overall strength of the national economy, not only in real life, but also reflected in the network, Google

Adsense click on advertising in China’s advertising unit price is about of the foreign price, that is to say the same labor to pay, in foreign countries than in the domestic high income of up to 15 times. So the English advertising page has become a Google

Adsense a high-end revenue form. The so-called English advertising page, is the site and content for pure English, which Google

Adsense ads are also in English, English advertising the highest price of $84, that is, each of the ads can be an effective Click to generate $84 Commission income. In general, 1000IP domestic traffic do Google

Adsense Chinese advertising, click revenue generated is about 10 yuan, 1000IP foreign traffic do Google

Adsense English advertising, the click of the revenue generated is about 150 yuan. Often a webmaster, making a English station, also produced a third page, go to the station English temptation users on advertising, to create high commission, but this cheating is very easy to be Google

Adsense to find, because the English station, can not flow from China, which is the most common way to operate the English station station, is also the largest K probability of a method, Google

Adsense every K out of an account, and not in accordance with the flow of geographical origin as an absolute standard, but when a station traffic sources do not meet the normal, the account will be K. So want to use Google

Adsense English station to obtain a high income security and stability, it is necessary to obtain the real foreign traffic, but for most network friends, my English is not up to standard, the English tone is a problem, if you want to ride the battlefield or English difficult point. On the network, a Chinese blog or Chinese Web site, as long as the content is included in the search engine, then there will always be more or less the flow of some search. So some webmaster, will use the collection of software to collect online blog or forum articles, and then arranged to a web site, and then a huge article data, to get high flow. So extend it, if there is a large number of English articles, then it will bring a large flow of foreign search traffic. Here is a way to use English blog to get high traffic:

1 set up a multi-user English blog, is automatically generated HTML.


apply for a blog on this blog, and then select a >

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