Top investor dialogue great entrepreneurs do not have to come from Silicon Valley

Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported on November 18th

now more and more Chinese start-up companies, the expansion of overseas markets to the eyes of India, Helsinki, Singapore, Silicon Valley’s innovation is not the magic of the


sponsored by Tencent CONNECTOR science and technology activities in Beijing recently held meeting place Chaoyang District Tencent. Skype co-founder, Atomico venture capital fund founder Niklas Zennstrom and Ding Jian, managing director of Jinsha River venture capital on entrepreneurship and cross-border investment dialogue.

seeking greater market is the driving force of internationalization

Sweden area of about 450 thousand square kilometers, slightly smaller than Heilongjiang, population of about 9 million, equivalent to Henan’s population of 1/10. But Sweden is the country with the largest number of multinationals in the world, by population.

as a Swede, Niklas said, it is because of the small size of the territory of Sweden, a small population, forcing the Swedish companies must start from the perspective of the international market. "We found that when Sweden founded Skype domestic market is too small, so the first day it was to seek a bigger market, so we came to China, went to South Korea and Latin America and other countries in the world, and to cooperate with them."

in China, the opposite is true. The Chinese market is very large, many successful entrepreneurs are focused on the local market. The next 5-10 years is the golden time of internationalization, the Chinese market is bigger, it can not avoid this wave. "The Internet has changed every industry, for Chinese enterprises, must consider overseas expansion." Niklas in the past few years, BAT and other large Internet Co expansion in China as an example.

Ding Jian believes that information plays an important role in the first phase of the development of the internet. The language barrier is a double-edged sword. "This allows Chinese companies to protect themselves from foreign competition, but also be constrained, unable to participate in international competition. Because of the dual challenges of language and culture." Ding Jian said that the internationalization as successfully as Lenovo China company, now is still very rare. China Internet Corporation internationalization is still in its infancy.

Ding Jian said that with the development of the Internet into the second stage, more and more industries to complete the Internet, language and cultural differences will no longer be a competitive barrier, a new round of competition mainly occurred in the original technology, such as artificial intelligence, big data. "It’s a pressure on Internet Co. Either to be an international company or to be replaced by an international company. "

great entrepreneurs do not have to come from Silicon Valley

for a long time, Silicon Valley is considered to be the absolute center of global technological innovation. The language of English, the advantages of the top universities, and the most attractive immigration policies are difficult for other countries to compete with

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