The analysis of advantages and disadvantages of various means of Wangzhuan

Based on the

station opened soon, has not yet been included in Baidu, three days, really depressed, here I will write Wangzhuan method and the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of

1, click e-mail, surfing this is a pure time investment, domestic money, good reputation is not much, want to rely on this money, can only do abroad, for most of the members, basically alone more, so in the end to get the money to do the payment more, I do n do not pay a lot of clicks later. It is a patient and dynamic problem, based on the actual situation, you have to do on surfing the mail, then you must use a lot of click on the site to make money, so that together can have a good harvest.

2, pull off the assembly line to make money, take a lot of jiamengfei mode in China, this is purely China type marketing model, in violation of the law, often at the beginning of a part of people earn their money off the assembly line, then the company suddenly collapses, smiled and cried for most of the bottom part, it is a sin. Abroad is free to join, also want to pull off the assembly line, in fact this is permitted by law, but also increase the shortcut of personal income, if your eloquence is good, the ability to pull off the assembly line, you can try.

3, website advertising money, this is not easy for your website to have certain flow you have hope, otherwise, they will not allow you to apply for advertising, advertising to Baidu Google, have a certain strength people despise you, then you only honestly do flow up. And the site is not easy to say, although more and more fool, but still have a little professional foundation. This can be based on a try.

4, in the station on the basis of a Wangzhuan alliance, is to use the site to pull off the assembly line, and then pull the line of tens of percent rebate, they attract bigger to make friends, have more money, but these sites not only have the ability to have a website, but also a sensitive sense of smell on site to make money, make money or what site suddenly collapsed or refused to pay, you do not know, you are still desperately offline, I am sorry the line, sorry I’m sorry your downline also sorry.

5, registered to make money, make money investigation. These in China at present is more popular, but as the investigation, not every day, maybe half a month to give you a survey, you will not necessarily meet the survey qualifications, hit relatively large, more patience, is a flower of life.

6, the forum to make money, to all the friends of the forum for global, for example Jinsha alliance, is a relatively successful, a meet the requirements of the subject, the forum will give you a few silver sand, until the accumulated Jinsha change to you RMB, try

bar master

7, traffic to make money. Now selling traffic but overwhelming, what software flow, hang up, you can hang points, such as sardines, hanging to a certain integral will give you cash is actually selling their flow, others brush net >

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