The profitability of local portal inventory

do online for nearly two years in Shangluo, 2 years have gone through too many lonely nights, experienced too many questions. To tell you the truth, until now, I realize that in Shangluo the national level poor city to do a real portal there is, however, the most difficult time has passed. Now my team and I have gradually entered the normal earnings track. So today I will talk about our local portal site profit point what? Many people may have inventory, but I am starting according to their actual situation, fulfill the sentence: "no practice, no right to speak!" slogan.

is of course advertising revenue, but so far, I stand advertising this one is also very weak, because we have such three or four class city, people’s understanding of the concept is not up to the concept of network marketing.

stores we present mainly rely on this income, we join costs ranging from a minimum of $980 to $2180, according to the actual service subdivision project, different businesses enjoy different price and service. Because in a small place, by joining the way more conducive to the market share and we have plenty of time to do business service schedule.

buy income regardless of how the news reported the failure of the Buy mode, but in terms of local portals, buy is still a new profit point, but the premise is that there must be popularity. The three or four tier cities, it is best to do so that we can really feel the benefits of the project and products. For example, we operate in Shangluo online learning group project, currently open a total of 13 students enrolled, total group purchase car has more than 200 people. Therefore, the prospects of the local portal group buying market is still very optimistic.

activity planning costs this piece of our operation more. Some businesses do not trust us, but we have the resources, which is the net friend, the real consumer ah. After our first two bar experience activities, not only the website popularity further pulled up, many more businesses call or online advice about how to charge our activities. However, this is a general situation to take good friends, as far as possible without charges. The charge is large. We present to the local insurance company responsible for the club activities is very successful, basically is an activity about 3K.

government cooperation income for any individual or team should be relatively good operation, the income is the most impressive, but depends on how your network resources. For example, we have a pre operation of a local government meeting of micro-blog live interaction, the income can be considered, but also very good social repercussions. Now we have several local government departments to contact us to do the training of micro-blog, huh, huh, income came again.

discount card project for this we do not charge at the moment, but we may be in May after the gradual charges, a card 20 dollars. How many cards can be sold a year depends on our marketing efforts. < >

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