Yu Yongfu the next 1800 days entrepreneurs go

some time ago, geeks Park founder Zhang Peng gave me a title of "entrepreneurial future 1800 days", the next five years to talk about entrepreneurship. Today, I will share this homework to you.

critics love has always wanted to stand in the height, BAT angle, is a waste of brain cells, for most people, the real value is standing in an entrepreneur’s point of view to think about future opportunities? In this perspective, I would like to share two changes, three storms and four opportunities.

two changes: always online, the second information revolution

first, as the saying goes, "change in the timing, to find the opportunity, we must first think, what is the mobile Internet brings to our life change? Why UC browser this product was born in the toilet is that the Internet is not convenient. In 2004, many of us have become a geek, but you can hardly imagine holding a computer to go to the toilet, when the mobile phone browser on the Internet is very slow, we feel that we can make better use of the product, so there will be a UC.

mobile Internet brings the first change is always online, Internet concept will eventually be forgotten. For example, PC Internet era, we have a common business: download. A lot of people will sleep at night, when the computer hangs the thunder movie. First, remove the concept of the internet. PC Internet era, a very common business is what to download, sleep at night, hanging with the thunder download. Why don’t you watch online and download? Because you are not online, but also to see the video, you will find that the need for "online" and "online" two kinds of scenes, you need to "online" to "non online" to meet the needs of.

in the mobile Internet "always on this background, we need to think about 24 hours a day in which we need is the user pain points but have not been met? This is the future we want to look for opportunities. Today, the mobile Internet has a lot of time on the user’s use of the scene and behavior has changed and affected, but not to 24 hours.

addition, the mobile Internet has actually brought the second information revolution. PC Internet is the most important one of the construction direction is to achieve the product information. We see in China, e-commerce has a very big development, many of us have not seen in the physical store products, can be purchased online. So over the past ten years, PC Internet has made a very important contribution is to complete the product information. But there is one thing to solve these ten years is not good enough, that is the service of information technology,

is now very fashionable "O2O" concept. In fact, the combination of information technology and e-commerce. If one day all the products, services can be digitized description, I believe that a person can do all the things at home, not 24 small

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