Sword please give the network a little free space


once, a classic highlight the characteristics of the network it is very popular: "nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet." But maybe not only someone knows you are a dog on the Internet, but also know that you are what kind of dog! According to the "Chongqing daily" reported that the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau on strengthening the Internet registration management notice has been examined by the municipal government’s Legislative Affairs Office, the notice provisions in their Home Internet should also register in the public security organ, starting from the date of implementation. Refusing to execute, light will be warned by the police, heavy will be suspended for six months. This is like whether you are a good person or a bad person, first of all, you take care of it, that is, in some parts of China’s public security departments of management ideas and management level?!

it is ashamed of, the relevant departments of the government management ideas and management level, like the middle of the three axes, always just a few strokes: either the real name system, or registration management system, but also by Dalian are strikingly similar: prevention of network crime. These measures can prevent cyber crime and I don’t know much, but I know that is because of the network real name system, before the University BBS have been raging like a storm has died. Said rudely, network real name registration system and the Internet network is the natural enemy of the free and the killer, I think if the implementation of the two system, the network world after the inevitable and lifeless lifeless, so we need the network network in the world or the world? Or are we in such a network world the real world, the emotion world of the Internet for comfort?

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