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if all the world’s $100 billion market capitalization listed above, the list will be very long. If we start from 1900 to do a division, we see that the vast majority of the top European companies have disappeared, and most of the top companies in the United States still remain on the list. This is the cause of what? The reporter thinks, before that a company do $1 billion is the unicorn, and over one hundred billion dollars mark, is the strength also really need to constantly adapt to the market environment.

since the end of nineteenth Century, the United States has surpassed Europe to become the world’s largest market. Based on the world’s largest domestic market, the emerging industry outstanding enterprises through scale advantages, easily beat other regional competitors and grow as the preferred tickets for the world’s leading enterprises. And European companies, in the global industrial revolution in the big wave, gradually marginalized. Who can adapt to market changes, who can do genechain. Schlumberger is such a living example.


at the end of nineteenth Century, the oil industry began to develop rapidly, Europe’s Shell oil, BP oil is the world’s oldest big mac. The difficulty of petroleum exploitation is more and more big, and it has bred a new professional technical service market. In 1921, Schlumberger was established as one of the earliest petroleum exploration and drilling services, Schlumberger at the outset has laid a technological leader, in 1927 published "Drilling Research" is the telecommunication industry is one of the basic technology.

has first as a European company, his appearance is reflected in Europe leading technology level, but has been rooted in Europe, has won’t have today’s position in the industry. Before and after World War II, the world oil market has undergone tremendous changes in the pattern, the status of the U.S. market is more and more important, the Gulf of Mexico oil industry booming. J Len Bbe Semyon in 1940 moved to the United States headquarters in Houston, the business center of gravity shifted to the U.S. market in a timely manner, which gained further development and expansion of space.

in the fierce competition in the oil services market, no company can rely on their own technology to maintain long-term leading position in the industry, and therefore rely on the accumulation of capital acquisitions, padded short board has become an important magic weapon. From the beginning of 1950s, has almost every year to the acquisition of several companies, 1952 acquisition of Forex company to enter the drilling market, 1956 acquisition of Johnston testers company has become a comprehensive logging company, 1993 acquisition of IDF company has become the drilling fluid service suppliers, the 2010 acquisition of Smith company became the drill manufacturing giant.

is to adapt to the market through business restructuring and acquisitions, Schlumberger to new more promising blue ocean going, growing in one hundred years, only the achievements of the oil can.

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