Ali mother website owners increase buyers where you are

to apply for the number of mothers in September, has received two income, although not many, but the overall feeling can also be.

but recent buyers feel less and less.

last month 3 advertising at least 2 advertising will be buyers, and this month is after the price, advertising is only bought 2 times, some advertising all empty, click on every few yuan.

do not know if this is the case I belong to, or we will have some


did you ever think about working with an advertising buyer when her mother recommended a bonus event?

from yesterday’s 100 day celebration post reply, enough to explain this station, has formed the climate, just need to stable and healthy development.

and advertising buyers I personally feel is not growing, it seems that Ali himself began to bid farewell to the money inside the day (I do not want Ali mother to hit the money inside)

Adsense recommend prizes brought several results:

1, more owners to get rewards, N registered a domain name, try to "cheat" recommended reward, lead to inflated


2, more and more webmasters, resulting in irregular price cuts, just to buy their own advertising, engage in the so-called cabbage ad, radish advertising

3, the price of the market will lead to more high-quality sites outside the door to see

4, the price of the market has led to leave the board to consider withdrawing

maybe I is unfounded, it may not be I should consider the issue of


in some of my group to promote good mother, was considered to be a mother’s care!

withdrew all the time in my Google Advertising, a friend advised me to leave some leeway myself


more than 15W in the IP, more than 100 of the PV station, the top of the weekly ad only sell $150 when


I sent all of these concerns, I hope my worry is redundant!

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