Still can put Google Adsense blog

Sina blog has been shut down put Google Adsense features, in fact, there are many blogs can add Google Adsense, and the effect is better than Sina blog.

Sina blog shortcomings:

1 Sina blog too slow

2 ordinary users of the article is difficult to recommend to the home page, very few readers,

3 Baidu included not ideal, it is difficult to get a good ranking

can now put Google Adsense blog

1 blog:

2 China Blog:

3.donews blog: et al.

which is the most recommended DoNews webmaster blog, after my test, the DoNews blog, the effect is very good, basically the same day add articles collected by Baidu, after optimization of the SEO proper, Baidu ranking is quite good.

but note that DoNews blog management is very abnormal, slightly inappropriate places (such as the suspects have ads website, improper content), will be the whole blog removed, rather than the other sites to delete only the current article. This is indeed worthy of improvement, I do not know what the donwes editor. May be they do not suspect that the user is less but too many users.

DoNews blog to add Google Adsense advertising method:

1 bulletin board on the left: suitable for adding 160*600 format skyscraper advertising, directly in the background of the "options" under the "notice" column to add advertising code can be.

2 article page: in the content of the source code to add code in iframe mode. The specific method is not tired of it, it is not clear about Baidu, or search my previously published articles.

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