M announced SP examination results of exposure of 19 companies

MII yesterday released the second period on the test fee business of SP company bulletin, reiterating to increase supervision of SP enterprises outside of Russia, also announced the 19 existence of violations of the new SP enterprise. Beijing Sina, Chongqing is on the list.

It is reported that

in the published illegal SP enterprises, Inc. PConline see Network Limited, because through the Internet to provide complete business ringtones unspecified charges, was designated as the three types of violations, after deducting credit score 45 points; and through China Unicom access century dragon information network limited liability company due to "false propaganda" by the Internet is a "business line, deduct 30% of the cost of the information" punishment; Sina were also due to "the voice prompt in did not inform the charging starting point" and "user name and business operators that record the name does not match the" being "business shield, deduct 10% of the cost of the information" and "deadline rectification".

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